San Miguel Literary Sala - San Miguel Literary Sala, A.C. is a non-profit organization in Mexico

You are warmly invited into the Community of Readers & Writers in San Miguel de Allende.

Literature enriches our lives, feeds our souls, and facilitates greater understanding of ourselves and others. In these times when communication is often a casualty of sound bites, and the intrinsic beauty of language is reduced to a gigabyte, our mission is more important than ever.

Most importantly, as a member of the Literary Sala, you become part of the foundation for literary events that could not exist without your support.

Our purpose is to offer visibility, community, and inspiration to the writers and readers of San Miguel de Allende; to honor the long history of distinguished writers living and working here; to enrich the cultural life and educational opportunities for local residents; and to establish San Miguel de Allende as an influential destination for literary and cultural tourism commensurate with its status as a World Heritage Site.

Your membership and donation funds also help bring to San Miguel some of the world’s most distinguished and highly sought-after authors and literary figures, including authors like Kaylie Jones, Tony Cohan, & Beverly Donofrio.