San Miguel Literary Sala - San Miguel Literary Sala, A.C. is a non-profit organization in Mexico

Annual San Miguel Big Read

The book for the 2018 Big Read will be announced on this page. Come back soon.


Big Read Discussion Groups

As in past years, the Big Read invites everyone in town to read the selected book and then to join a discussion group. Big Read Discussion groups usually meet during January. Some groups may elect to meet earlier and to meet several times, at their own discretion. The Big Read committee prepares discussion questions to spur lively conversations. If you would like to join a discussion group please fill the Registration form below or e-mail Jo Curtis at Tell us whether you prefer to meet in the morning, afternoon, or evening; the colonia where you live; and if you would like to host a group in your home.

The San Miguel Big Read was pioneered several years ago by Diana Berman and will be headed up this year by Jo Curtis and her team of volunteers.