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June 25, 2015

Special Event

Cristina Ramirez & Tony Cohan

San Miguel favorite son, Tony Cohan, author of the perennially popular On Mexican Time and other travel books and novels will join Cristina Ramirez, who will be speaking about the history of Mexican women journalists and activists, on Thursday.

San Miguel Literary SalaCristina Ramirez, professor of English and rhetoric at the University of Arizona, will introduce her new book, Occupying Our Space: Mexican Women Journalists and Activists, 1875 to 1942.

The book sheds new light on the rhetorical, political, and social contributions of Mexican women journalists and writers during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a period that is widely considered the zenith of Mexican journalism.

Journalists played a significant role in transforming Mexican social and political life before and after the Revolution of 1910, and women formed a part of this movement as publishers, writers, public speakers, and political activists. However, their contributions to the broad historical changes are often excluded or overlooked.

Tony Cohan

San Miguel Literary SalaOne of San Miguel’s best-known and beloved writers is Tony Cohan, whose romantic account of moving to San Miguel de Allende, published in 2000, On Mexican Time, convinced more than one family to follow in his footsteps and move here.

Tony has had great success with subsequent travel books, including Mexican Days, and Native State, and with novels such as Opium.

His talk, “Living and Writing in San Miguel” will engage everyone as he talks about the role this town played in over two decades of his work, beginning in 1985.

He promises anecdotes concerning the writing and publication of On Mexican Time and Mexican Days, as well as other books.

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