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Literary Events in San Miguel de Allende

June 26–August 20: 2016 Summer Literary Festival

Multiple Events Take Place at Different Locations
June 26 – August 20

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Ms. Laura Esquivel’s appearance in San Miguel must be postponed due to an unexpected conflict. Ms. Esquivel’s keynote address and the Like Water for Chocolate FEAST will be rescheduled. Ticket holders will be refunded their monies via PayPal.

Please Note: Like Water for Chocolate FILM will be shown Thursday, June 30 at 2:00 PM at the Santa Ana Theater, Reloj 50A. Tickets available at the door. $100 pesos (1/2 goes to the Biblioteca).

San Miguel Literary Sala presents:

featuring Laura Esquivel, author
Like Water for Chocolate

Laura Esquivel, Virgina Woolf, Linda Gray to Headline Summer Literary FEAST

by Maia Williams

Laura Esquivel

Laura Esquivel

Laura Esquivel will return to San Miguel on July 2nd to host a sumptuous and intimate midsummer feast based on the exquisite recipes in her global bestselling novel, Like Water for Chocolate. She will also present a keynote address that afternoon. The once-in-a-lifetime dinner will be hosted by Ms. Esquivel and the meal will be prepared by well-known chefs (including executive chef Kirsten West, reviving her 1993 role in Tokyo with Ms. Esquivel). Special music, in Spanish and English, will be performed by the incomparable Maria Sanchez.

Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez

By hosting the Summer Literary FEAST, Ms. Esquivel is supporting the Literary Sala’s goal of funding ninety scholarships which will be awarded to talented and hard-working Mexican teens and adults so they may attend the 2017 San Miguel Writers‘ Conference.

Ms. Esquivel is the author of seven books including Like Water for Chocolate (Como agua para chocolate). This romantic tale infused with magical realism was the number one selling book in Mexico and the United States for almost two years, and subsequently around the world — it has been published in 35 languages. Additionally, Ms. Esquivel wrote the screenplay for the wildly successful film of the same name. Released in 1992, it earned all eleven Ariel Awards of the Mexican Academy of Motion Pictures, and for several years it was the highest grossing Spanishlanguage film in U.S. box office history.

This year’s Miami International Film Festival introduced the movie by saying, “Nearly 25 years after its initial release, the film is still heralded for its lush magical realism and deeply sensory approach to the intertwinement of love, life and food – specifically, classic Mexican dishes.”

In his 1993 review, Roger Ebert explained the significance of the film’s title, “In Mexico…hot chocolate is made with water, not milk. The water is brought to a boil and then the chocolate is spooned into it. A person in a state of sexual excitement is said to be “like water for chocolate.”

Summer Writing Workshops

Four popular faculty members from the annual San Miguel Writers’ Conference will teach four-week workshops at Bellas Artes during the month of July. You can choose to work with a specialist in one of four areas:

  • Writing a Page-Turner with Diana Spechler (fiction/nonfiction)
  • The Art of Memoir and Travel Writing with Laurie Gough
  • Writing the Play That Moves You with Meredith Allen
  • Blogging and Social Media Fundamentals with Mittie Roger

Meredith Allen and Mittie Roger will each offer a free 90-minute mini-workshop the last week of June. For details and to register, please visit the San Miguel Writers’ Conference website.

Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own

Catherine Bryne

Catherine Bryne

This classic essay, first published in 1929, will come to life on Saturday, July 9th at Bellas Artes when it is performed by the show’s creator, Catherine Bryne. Ms. Woolf’s inquiry into the role of women (of genius) in society remains relevant. Don’t miss this theatrical nod to a major literary figure of the twentieth century.

Ms. Bryne spent more than a year researching Virginia Woolf’s life and work before beginning her adaptation of A Room of One’s Own for the stage. Since its debut in 1992, she has performed it in venues large and small, formal and makeshift, from Florida to Vermont as well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the San Miguel de Allende Virginia Woolf Festival. Ms. Bryne considers “A Room of One’s Own” to be the defining artistic work of her career.

Champagne Brunch with Linda Gray

Linda Grey

Linda Grey

Linda Gray, author of The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction (published in 2015), is an award-winning actress, an accomplished director, and a former United Nations Ambassador. Her portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing (wife of J.R.), in the original TV series Dallas, brought her international fame and critical acclaim. The role earned her an Emmy nomination for Best Actress and she was voted ‘Woman of the Year’ by The Hollywood Radio & Television Society. Starring in the #1 show on television for eleven years was followed by roles in numerous TV movies and the successful series Melrose Place, as well as starring in theater productions on Broadway and in London’s West End.

Proceeds from the brunch will be used to expand the Literary Sala’s successful reading appreciation program, “My First Book,” into another rural village near San Miguel.


San Miguel de Allende benefits greatly from the generosity of visiting and local professionals like Laura Esquivel, Maria Sanchez, Catherine Bryne, and Linda Gray— along with the support of San Miguel de Allende residents, businesses, and visitors.

Additional Events

Film: Like Water for Chocolate
Santa Ana Theater, Biblioteca, Reloj #50-A
TH, June 30, 2:00, $100p at the door

Literary Sala Author Presentations
Victoria Roberts (The New Yorker) and
Linda Gray (Dallas; The Road to Happiness)
Hotel Aldea, Ancha de San Antonio #15
TH, July 14, 5:00 PM, $100p at the door (Members $50p)

San Miguel Poetry Café OPEN MIC
Sala Literaria Bellas Artes, H. Macías #75
El Centro Culturál Ignacio Ramírez “El Nigromante”
TH, July 21, 5:00 PM, $50p donation, at the door

Summer Book Fair
Location TBA
SAT, August 20, 10 AM – 2:00 PM — FREE
Authors, please contact: sanmiguelliterarysala@gmail.com